We are a non-union commercial contractor that specializes in Commercial Construction and Industrial Construction. As a Design Build Contractor, we offer flexibility to work around your organizations’ needs so that you can operate your business with little to no interruption. We provide end-to-end solutions for all construction and build-to-suit projects, from initial design to the final coat of paint. Design Build Colorado is committed to providing value that will translate into a better bottom line for you and for your organization.

Build to Suit:

We specialize in Build-to-Suit projects, which combine the design, permit, project management, and construction in order to streamline the design-build environment. We work as the general contractor, and bring together all the individual tasks to finish a project, including creating the construction documents, acquiring permits, and of course, constructing the building. And by combining all of these elements in a collaborative environment, we are able to complete projects on-time, within budget, and at a level of quality that meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Design Build Colorado is prepared to offer all of our resources – from pre-construction throughout the life of your building – to help ensure the success of your project. As a leading builder serving the Rocky Mountain Region, we can provide construction management, pre-construction planning, post-construction maintenance, and a variety of complimentary services based on the specific goals of your project.

Pre-Construction Planning and Design:

At Design Build Colorado, we spend the time to evaluate a project during the pre-construction planning phase, which enables us to eliminate a variety of potential risks and pitfalls. For example, proper design and planning can address issues like noise, dust, traffic control, erosion, and safety issues, and then mitigate those issues to keep the project running smoothly. Our design and pre-construction services include:

  • Architectural design
  • Site evaluation
  • Site logistics planning
  • Scheduling and Budget
  • Project phasing
  • Risk assessment and mitigation

Construction Services:

Design Build Colorado helps develop a precise strategic plan for each project and provides essential services to keep your construction process moving in the right direction. We develop a detailed list of activities and track construction progress to ensure that all deadlines are met, and then engage in strict quality control. Our construction tasks include: Project coordination, site supervision, safety inspection and quality control.  Here are just some of our many services:

Post-Construction Follow-Up:

With every construction project we do, we go in with the intent of building a lasting relationship with the client. That’s why we stay in contact with all of our clients and make sure they are satisfied with the results of their project. Our post-construction services may include Life-cycle cost analysis, future planning and building maintenance.

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