By bringing our design team to bear early in the process we gain efficiency.  Design and Construction is the integration of creativity, knowledge, practicality, experience and constructability to produce the best possible space for your business.

At Design Build Colorado, we spend the time to evaluate a project during the pre-construction planning phase, which enables us to eliminate a variety of potential risks and pitfalls. We take the time to learn about your business so that we can best serve your needs.

One of our passions is the adaptive re-use of buildings.  Let us walk through all the possibilities of your existing space or a building that might fit your needs but others have said is unworkable.

Our design and pre-construction services include:

  • Architectural design that incorporates your budget
  • Site evaluation-Zoning Considerations-Special use permitting
  • Site logistics planning
  • Scheduling and Budget
  • Project phasing
  • Risk assessment and mitigation

Using the design build method, we become your representative Design Build Colorado facilitates comprehensive decision making that is in your best interest. The method combines architecture with pre-construction services to facilitate your goals in the most efficient manner.  Integral to this method is value engineering services that allow you the owner and consultants to make data-based decisions while there is still time to make the changes on paper not in the field.

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